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Vote for us at Waitrose

We are delighted that  Befriended has been selected for the Waitrose community scheme next month-that’s the little green tokens that you get and then use to vote for your local charity on your way out of the store. If you shop in Waitrose Burgess Hill during May, please vote for us, and spread the news to your friends and neighbours too. Help us make a difference to lonely and isolated folk in Mid Sussex.

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Sussex Living Magazine

The October 2018 Edition of Sussex Living Magazine carried an article about Befriended. You can download it from here in full

Christmas Community Lunch 2018

in conjunction with Hope

What a wonderful, amazing, generous, kind-spirited communities we live in!

The community Christmas Lunch brought out the very best in our community, both leading up to the event and on Christmas day.   All together we were around 100, which included around 87 for lunch and some who came to help for different periods of time.

We had an age range of 5 to 95, and a whole cross section of people – from the Bishop of Lewes, Richard Jackson, to someone who had just recently moved into the village.

There were many wonderful aspects of the day:

Some came because they live alone and wanted to spend Christmas Day with others. They may have been complete strangers at the start of the day, but by the end they had become friends!

Others had lost a loved one and needed a Christmas that felt different, some were homeless, some could not afford a Christmas lunch and some simply wanted to be with other people

Those who came to help soon realised that we all had a part to play in being community together whether helping to serve food or befriending one another while enjoying lunch together.

We enjoyed a 4-course lunch, which included beautiful turkey and trimmings from Clive Millers butchers,  wine donated by the Wine Cellar served by our very own wine waiter – Kevin Carey, drinks donated by Co-op and everyone received a Christmas gift bag full of gifts donated by our community and the Salvation Army.  After lunch, we passed-the-parcel, listened to the Queen and enjoyed a medley of musical entertainment.

The Community Christmas Lunch is hosted by two local charities based in the village –  Befriended and Hope but it only happens because of the amazing number of people who want to share Christmas together.

Here are just a few comments we received

“We so much enjoyed being part of it, meeting,  talking and listening  to new people;  eating,  drinking and being entertained by each other. The Christmas Dinner was amazing!”

” My family and I had such an amazing day. I am still not out of my bubble of goodness and I felt honoured to be a part of such a thought provoking day.”

“Thank you very warmly for welcoming me and including me in your extraordinary Community Christmas lunch”

“It was a most heart-warming experience and one that I will remember with great affection for a very long time.”

“You created a tremendous sense of community and there must be a great many towns and villages up and down the land who could learn from you in this respect!”

“Thank you so much for allowing us to help! And my goodness! Presents 🎁 too?!! A lovely surprise. I loved mine. My children were overcome and didn’t want to leave. We had such fun”

THANKS to everyone who came, who made our Christmas one to remember Everyone made it special!

If you want to have a Christmas day that is special, heart-warming, fun and unforgettable then come and join us.  Book the date … 25th December 2019!

You can support and make a difference to people living in our communities throughout the year by volunteering for Befriended

July 2018 Garden Party and Hurst Fair

We had a wonderful weekend on the 3oth  June and 1st July 2018 when we were privileged to be represented at the Hurst Fair on the Saturday and then host our Summer Garden Party on the Sunday. Here are a few pictures